Vinyasa Yoga Class

There are many benefits associated with taking a yoga class. Yoga is a great way to increase your flexibility, work on your core strength, improve your overall body tone, relax and reduce stress. However, fitness instructors are starting to offer different types of yoga courses, including hot yoga, power yoga, or vinyasa yoga, also sometimes referred to as flow yoga. If you are thinking about taking a vinyasa yoga class, you may wonder how it differs from a traditional yoga class.


In a traditional yoga class, there is a break between each pose. The instructor asks you to get in a pose, and then that pose is held, typically for around a minute or two. Then, you stand up, exhale, and get into a new pose. That leaves a lot of time where you are transitioning, breathing, and not really working your body. During a vinyasa yoga class, the class is coordinated so you flow from one yoga pose into another, without having to stop, stand-up and reposition yourself.


Vinyasa yoga is a great yoga course for those who are looking to challenge themselves or want to maximize the amount of exercise that they get during their yoga class. Transitioning from one pose directly into the next helps to keep your heart rate up and helps to prevent the downtime that one encounters between poses at a normal yoga class.


If you love yoga, but are looking to push yourself a bit harder, or want to try yoga in a completely different form, vinyasa yoga class may be perfect for you. Here at Hot Yoga Nairobi, this is just one of the types of yoga classes that we offer.